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Safety Precautions During Hot Air Balloon Rides

Riding hundreds of feet in the sky from a hot air balloon can be a thrilling and unforgettable experience. But also, you have to know that there are risks involved when you ride in a hot air balloon similar to other adventure sport. Let's face the reality that there've been many cases when hot air balloons crashed and have lead to the untimely death of riders. Unless you have studied the precautionary measures and guaranteed full protection, you must not go up and take a ride in the sky.

Before you hitch a ride, there are few safety precautions and checks too that you must do.

Number 1. Safety equipment - every balloon should have safety equipment aboard. Make it a point that you've gathered sufficient info from reliable sources such as expert websites and even ballooning guides. As a minimum requirement, you have to check if the balloon has an onboard flint spark lighter, fire extinguisher and parachutes.

If the flame of the balloon has gone in midair, then the flint spark lighter will be used to reignite it. The pilot will be able to relight the flame and avoid crash. Fire extinguisher on the other hand is essential for some obvious reasons. Click here for more info about modern hot air ballooning:

You have to check if there's a drop line too. In few other countries, this inclusion is mandatory for it's extremely useful when the pilot can't effectively steer the balloon as a result of the mild wind. Because the balloon has the risk of damage from ground obstruction, the ground crew uses the drop line dropped by pilot during landing in order to guide the hot air balloon away from obstructions in the ground.

Number 2. Maintenance - balloons that have not undergone proper maintenance is sure to be unsafe. Regular maintenance is critical to Aerogelic Ballooning, much like in the aircraft. One vulnerable part of a balloon is its fabric. Small rips or tears are enough to lead to disastrous flight and for that, any damage should be immediately repaired.

Number 3. Alertness - when you ride a hot air balloon, it is vitally important that you stay alert and attentive. Being sensitive to objects around you when flying is extremely important. You have to keep an eye for electrical lines, masts and poles that may collide with the hot air balloon. At times, the pilot may be too focused on one thing and may not be able to notice other obstacles. Take it as your personal reasonability to be alert on behalf of the pilot.

Number 4. Listen to what you're told - make sure that you follow the terms and conditions prior the flight. You can find out more about hot air balloons here:

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